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My Hong Kong Story


My vision and dream for Hong Kong is to see the lives of university students and young professionals change because of the Gospel, so they can impact their society in a Christ-centered way. This city is a very strategic place to do ministry among university students and young professionals as it has 3 of the op 6 universities in all of Asia. This means people all over the world migrate to Hong Kong to receive prestigious education.

This year I was given an opportunity to help start an NGO called Empower Asia. Our vision is to impact university students and young professionals by providing holistic services of training, coaching, and mentoring, so they can impact their society. We provide services like career development to life coaching programs.


Empower Asia is comprised of a team that share a heart to reach young people with the Gospel of Christ.We chose coaching, training, & mentoring university students & young professionals as way to: REACH them with the Gospel, EQUIP them in the faith, & SEND them on mission throughout Asia & the world.

I will be a service advisor for Empower Asia and my initial commitment is 3 years. My main responsibilities for Empower Asia will be: designing promotional materials, working with EA clients through our services, coaching campus ministry leaders, and establishing our network in the universities and other organisations.


During this commitment, I have to raise support for my work. I need to raise $30,000 annually, which is $2500 monthly. We provide our services for free. We are able to do this because of a network of supporters investing in the next generation. As an investor, your giving will help provide our services to our clients, ministry expenses, and my living expenses in the city. I would ask that you prayerfully consider joining my team of supporters. I would love for you to become a monthly donor during my commitment. Monthly support is important as it provides financial stability and security. Financial supporters can give as little as $10-20 a month or as high as $100 a month or even higher! One time donations of any amount also makes a big impact.


Go to for donating instructions.
USD donations are tax deductible :)


I am currently 30% funded for one year


Feel free to contact me at anytime. I can share success stories, help you with the donation process, etc.
US Cell: +1.321.230.2958
whatsapp: +852.6401.7352


Empower Asia:

youtube page: (My Youtube page has testimonies & stories from my previous work in Hong Kong)

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What did I do in Hong Kong?? Here you go! I will be uploading more in the next couple of days!

excuse the not so professional sound quality

Sent out support letters today. Let me know if you are interested in what I’m doing in Hong Kong, I will send more info your way! #missionwork

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agirllikemo said: I will be in Hong Kong next fall on study abroad at CUHK! Best of luck in your fundraising and hope to run into you! God bless :) -Mo

Stay connected because we have a strong network there! we started an ICF (international christian fellowship) there and we would love to have you!!!

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My Next Journey in Hong Kong. 

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We hold on to Him or he holds on to us?

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7 Ways to be Effective and Fruitful

Supplement your…

1. Faith with virtue

From your faith with God into moral excellence (virtue). Uprightness of character in obedience to God in a way to fulfil your purpose as a son or daughter. Supplement your faith with fulfilling your call as a follower.

2. Virtue with knowledge

Gather information in what God has revealed in His word. This could be seeking what God’s word is revealing about certain topics and issues. Be sure capture these issues in context. Wrestle through it on your own and with others.

3. Knowledge with self-control

Discipline. Be able to master or control your desires and passions. Not that desires and passions are bad but we need to learn how to bridle ourselves.

4. Self-control with steadfastness

Persevere. Keep on keeping on through hardships. Don’t give up but patiently endure.

5. Steadfastness with godliness

Reflect the character of God in your behaviour.

6. godliness with brotherly affection

Love fellow believers. Be thoughtful and considerate your them.

7. brotherly affection with love

Lastly, love. The God kind of love, unconditional. Not just inwardly towards fellow believers but outwardly to all.

For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2 Peter 1:5-7

You don’t have to master each step in order to work on the next but be practicing these qualities. Keep them increasing. I am in a beginner level to most of these. There’s more for me to learn and work on. Understanding where we can grow and how we can grow is the first step. It is a challenge. A challenge for us. Not just individually but as a community. Keep on keeping on!


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